Wolfpack - Loathe

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Showing renewed growth and strength with their new killer album "LOATHE". Armed with destructive moshparts and a pissed off attitude, Wolfpack redefines their music, improves it and expands it to a higher level. Wolfpack have put together an Album that blurs all barriers between Hardcore and Metal.

FFO: Machine Head, Code Orange, Nasty, Biohazard,...

- Limited Vinyl / Digipack CD / Digital
- Relasedate March 16th

01. Intro/Cursed
02. Oblomov
03. Les Fleurs du Mal
04. Hover Above Me (Feat. Hangman's chair official)
05. Delusion
06. Viper Choirs
07. Interlude
08. Pessimist
09. Doomed
10. Loathe

Format: col lp CD
Medium: cd Vinyl
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Frage zum Artikel

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