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This is the first long player for this Danish hardcore punk band from Odense. A throwback sound from Reagan?s second term can be heard in the 17 tracks that bring back memories of Iran-Contra, an A-10 blasting a tank, MX missiles, and a still-standing Berlin Wall. Riffs and short solos recall the sound of hardcore bands that had heard Bonded By Blood and Kill Em All and liked them. UAK could be likened to crossover because of their combination of hardcore punk with thrash, but this band is punk before metal. They lack the goofy humor and flip-bill-ball-cap style of mall rat crossover that evolved into rap-metal breeding. Picture them playing with Fearless Iranians, Septic Death, Christ on Parade, or most obviously, D.R.I.

Aktion: Cheapo
Format: lp
Medium: Vinyl

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Frage zum Artikel