Seila Chiara - Rive - 10"

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\ e 7 songs sound more re! ned as the previous releases. To describe their style is not so easy. Of course we have slight post-hard- core/post-rock elements and jazzy ambient passages here, but the influences of indie and maybe decent emo-punk are more present here. \ e songwriting and the variation of the songs are really great. Melancholy ballads, forward driven ?rock?songs, danceable songs and also a (fast) waltz mix up here. \trademarks of the songs are the bright and clear, atmospheric, catchy and frisky guitar lines and of course the markable voice. Skillfully the songs build up and calm down, nothing sounds monotonous and boring. Recommend to people who like Amalthea, Sed Non Satiata, early At The Drive In and late Daitro.

Format: 10"
Medium: Vinyl

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