Public Psyche - No New Violence

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RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Roxy Music, Follakzoid, Trans Am, Circle, Fad Gadget, Liars, Associates, Wooden Ships, These New Puritans, Eyeless In Gaza

? Band formerly known as Rape Blossoms
? Recorded by Beyt Al Tapes
? Sarah Zeebroek?s guest vocals recorded on a laptop mic

Psychedelic post-punk in the form it was meant to take. Their music feels like such a trippy, out-of-body adventure. Think Alice In Wonderland meets Robert Smith. Sär at CVLT NATION

The album as a whole has traces of influences from luminaries such as Fad Gadget or Roxy Music with a lo-fi atmosphere accented by synthe- sisers and tape delay.

Format: CD lp
Medium: cd Vinyl
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