No Problem - Let God Sort Them Out - lp

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A mainstay in Edmonton, Alberta's underground punk community, No Problem formed in 2010, blending the mutant sounds of early Canadian punk with the classic primitive stomp of American hardcore. Drenched in atmosphere, they have created the ultimate soundtrack to society?s imminent collapse. Standing on the precipice of a damaged world circling the drain, Edmonton punks No Problem are set to figuratively ?kill ?em all? with the release of Let God Sort Em Out, their ambitious third studio album out on Deranged Records. This band welcomes listeners into a frightening world filled with heavy riffs and nervous, gloomy, frustrated sounds - the perfect summer playlist to underscore the impending doom. For fans of Career Suicide, Fucked Up, DOA, Red Dons, Night Birds, etc

Format: lp
Medium: Vinyl
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