Lionheart - Welcome to the Westcoast II

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Oakland, California s reigning kings of heavy hardcore first stormed onto the scene in 2007 with their debut album: "The Will To Survive". Taking influence from bands like Blood For Blood, Hatebreed, and Ringworm; Lionheart came out swinging with a full blown assault of blistering metallic hardcore. They quickly followed it up with 2010 s "Built On Struggle", 2012 s Undisputed" and years of nonstop touring. Following a short break after the release of Undisputed, the band came back stronger than ever with 2014 s "Welcome To The Westcoast". Continuing on their path of late 90's style H/C, the band progressed with new rhythms and further developed song-writing cementing themselves as torch-bearers for a revived brand of west coast hardcore. In January 2016, off the heels of sold out shows and Festival appearances around the globe, Lionheart came back swinging with their highly anticipated album: "Love Don t Live Here". The album title, a nod to a classic R&B/ Motown song by the same name, shows the bands unwillingness to conform to the typical "hardcore mold", as well as the bitter and unforgiving lyrical content the band is known for. LDLH is a journey through a life rarely lived but often imitated. Now, a year after a hiatus that saw the members go their separate ways, Lionheart reforms and returns with their most punishing album to date: "Welcome To The West Coast II". A sequel to the album that brought forth a new era in California hardcore, WTTWC II is a combination of blistering metallic hardcore and west coast groove. Complimented by the lyrical backdrop the band is known for, front-man Rob Watson delivers a gut-wrenching look into a life of torment, violence, and an unrelenting will to overcome.

Format: digi-cd col lp
Medium: cd Vinyl

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