Alex Chilton - Memphis To New Orleans

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Some know him as the lead singer of the Boxtops who had a number one hit in 1967 with "The Letter," others know him from the majestic Beatlesque pop of Big Star or as the name in a song by the Replacements ("Children by the millions sing of Alex Chilton..."). Others know him as the songwriter of the theme song for That 70s Show. He was at the height of hiscult star fame in the mid 1980s when he made these recordings. It is some ofhis best most honest work oddly neglected for some time but delivered here forenthusiasts and neophites alike.

These recordings have been out of print for over adecade. Alex Chilton is named as a great influence to and lauded by Wilco, R.E.M., the Replacements and the Bangles among many others.

Format: lp
Medium: Vinyl

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