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A lower-than-low priced compilation LP highlighting some of Matador's most exciting 2013 moments, including (but not limited to) previously unreleased version of songs from Queens of the Stone Age, Yo La Tengo and Savages. It's the perfect stocking stuffer, particularly if you own a 12 x 12 square stocking (in which case you might want to visit a doctor). TRACK LISTING A1. MAJICAL CLOUDZ - BUGS DON?T BUZZ (ALBUM VERSION) A2. QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE - IF I HAD A TAIL (ITUNES FESTIVAL VERSION) A3. SAVAGES - CITY?S FULL (KEXP VERSION) A4. BODY/HEAD - UNTITLED (ALBUM VERSION) B1. YO LA TENGO - BEFORE WE RUN (KEXP SESSION) B2. LEE RANALDO AND THE DUST - LECCE, LEAVING (EDIT) B3. KURT VILE - KV CRIMES (ALBUM VERSION) B4. ICEAGE - IN HAZE (ALBUM VERSION) B5. CHELSEA LIGHT MOVING - HEAVENMETAL

Format: lp Sampler
Medium: Vinyl

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