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Spitzen Newcomer aus dem Midwesten der USA: schön dicke Riffgitarren, melodischer Gesang, läuft hier erstaunlich oft! Für mich die besseren Baroness...

The Obelisk: "Hailing from the Midwest via Richmond IN comes the "Stoner Metal Riff Worshipers" Wolftooth consisting of a pack of well seasoned musicians determined to raise the bar of the almighty riff. Wolftooth combines influences from the 70's and early 80's NWOBHM with Bay Area Thrash and doom laden riffery. Meanwhile the vocals soar over blues drenched solos that add a stoner sensibility to the Wolftooth sound. The bite force of a large wolf has been said to exceed 1,000 pounds of pressure, making it particularly efficient at crushing bones of prey. Their fangs can grow to an inch in length. Thus, for the sharpness of their execution and the thrust behind it, one can only consider Indiana heavy rockers Wolftooth aptly named. The double-guitar Hoosier four-piece make their debut via Blackseed Records and Cursed Tongue Records with a self-titled eight-tracker that from the very beginnings of opener ?Blackbirds Call? engages the overarching question of where heavy rock stops and heavy metal begins; a semi-aggro push punctuated by the insistent chug of guitarists Chris Sullivan (also vocals) and Jeff Cole and the popping snare of drummer Johnny Harrod that?s given due heft by bassist Terry McDaniel. Informed somewhat in its melodic reach by modern progressive metal via the likes of a less angular Baroness, the mid-tempo swing of ?Aegaeon? finds vocals layered and manipulated in a manner that recalls Fireball Ministry?s compressed style, and the penultimate ?Forged in Fire,? though it embarks on a gallop just past its halfway point, reaffirms that notion early in its going, as does the harmony-laced closer ?Season of the Witch.? A persistent use of epic themes in cuts like ?Sword of My Father,? ?White Mountain,? ?Frost Lord? ? unless they just really love cocaine, which given the cohesiveness of their sound seems less likely, but I suppose isn?t impossible ? and some of the push in ?White Mountain,? or ?The Huntress? and ?Blackbirds Call? could be said to be culled from High on Fire, but like the other potential points of influence or at least sonic congruity noted above, as well as the classic-style Thin Lizzy stomp that begins ?Sword of My Father,? these are filtered through the band?s own modus of expression and come through as their own. Wolftooth, in other words, make an impression."

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