We Live In Trenches - Life Crisis

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If Modern Hex (2009) was We Live In Trenches' exercise in a forceful excavation of ruthlessness then Life Crisis is their manifestation of being trapped in a box, knowing all exits are closed, barred and tightly shut. Darkness is all encompassing and embracing everyone. There is nothing remotely beautiful about Life Crisis. That, my friend, was never the aim. Life Crisis a pummeling machine grinding its gears until they collapse from exhaustion. It's a structured mess ? precise and breathtaking, calculated and physically hurting.The throat-slit vocals broadcast grieving despair and wages war against selected recipients with a backbone built on crumbs of hope. But don?t mistake the words for pessimism. It's simply realism in the crosshair of a man with issues. The musical backdrop is a narrowing corridor, stained with blood and piss guitars echoes the piercing sounds of Dead & Gone's Rocky Crane while intertwining the assault of an Arab on Radar-esque nihilism. The rhythm section constructs a sound that could make up walls in a panic room. It obliterates the vacuum in our sleepy brains. The sum of We Live In Trenches' parts is vastly greater than the singularity of their individuality. With Life Crisis We Live In Trenches has created a soundtrack for people in dire need of an eye-opener. You're welcome.

Format: lp
Medium: Vinyl

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