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Reissue der zweiten Warzone, erstmals auf Vinyl!

Open Your Eyes war das zweite Full-Length-Album der New Yorker Hardcore-Band Warzone, die ihren Ursprung in der Lower East Side, Manhattan, USA, hatte. Es wurde 1988 bei Caroline Records veröffentlicht und folgt ihrem ersten Album Do not Forget The Struggle, Do not Forget The Streets aus dem vorangegangenen Jahr.

There is no doubt Warzone is one of the most crucial and influential bands coming from the New York Hardcore scene. Fronted by the charismatic Ray "Raybeez" Barbieri, Warzone preached vehemently for scene unity and against racism while buzzsaw guitar riffs and wailing solos over speedy drums churned out a soundtrack found at CBGB Sunday Matinees, The Pyramid, The Anthrax and the rest of the legendary clubs of the era. Their landmark debut LP Don?t Forget The Struggle, Don?t Forget The Streets is heralded as one of the most important NYHC records of all time, with its 2016 reissue on Revelation Records selling thousands of copies and filling gaps in record collections all over the world. Two years later, Revelation Records proudly presents the reissue of Warzone's second LP Open Your Eyes. This oft-overlooked record continues the sound from Don?t Forget The Struggle,... the last purely hardcore record before the band's more metal third LP. This record featured Jerry Williams behind the board who was previously known for his work with BAD BRAINS, THe BEASTIE BOYS, and REAGAN YOUTH among others, with production help from none other than Dr. Know, guitarist of BAD BRAINS! This is the first time Open Your Eyes has been available on vinyl or on Cd as a stand alone album since its initial release on Caroline Records in 1988.

format: CD col. lp limited
medium: Vinyl cd

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