Warm Toy Machine - Not Tired To Blow - lp

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Holding all the aces of 60?s garage rock the 2nd blast of FUZZZZZZ from Bruxelles? WARM TOY MACHINE is ready to ship. According to the proverb ?Never change a winning team? recordings & mastering done by Lo? Spider at Swampland. In comparison to its predecessor the sound is not that direct in-your-face style - the new recordings are more like a premium wine or whiskey. Every single ingredient is the same as it used to, but now the flavor is definitely barrel aged, specialized for FUZZZZZZ-Connoisseurs. So if you wanna be rapt away by some DEMON?S CLAWS of fuzzy psych-hell-sound and find your self GET LOST! in a ?68 COMEBACK after the BLUES XPLOSION within a rollin? & stomping crowd together with THE MUMMIES, J.C. SATAN and JACK OF HEART ? you?re doin? it right here. Rumors say that even Lemmy K. can?t refuse to tap his boots to these tunes as long as booze is pouring down.

Format: lp
Medium: Vinyl

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