Valient Thorr - Our Own Masters

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influenced by both metal and punk -- that draws creatively from touchstones such as AC/DC, Thin Lizzy and the MC5 (Motörhead might also be a point of reference here, though more in spirit than in sound). The band has a stranglehold on amped-up hard rock and stripped-down heavy metal, barnstorming stages across the world with its catchy, ass-kicking riffs, unmatched energy, fist-pumping anthems and hyperagitated live show, led by the band's front man and ringleader Valient Himself, whose highly entertaining, heady lyrics become a call to arms for the band's legions of devoted fans -- nicknamed the Thorriors-- that assemble in chapters and track the band from show to show, town to town.

Format: CD lp
Medium: Vinyl cd

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