Unwound - The Future of What - lp
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Their third album in as many years, 1995's The Future of What is an unrelenting, constructivist masterstroke. The Olympia trio's signature sound - grinding bass, syncopated drums, and fragmented guitar over measured yelps - ratchets past the thread into a stripped-out metallic slurry. Equal parts noise and adrenaline, the album opens with a simple question: "Where?s your energy?" It's been 25 years and we're still searching for the answer.

Track Listing

1 New Energy
2 Demolished
3 Natural Disasters
4 Re-enact the Crime
5 Equally Stupid
6 Pardon My French
7 Descension

1 Accidents on Purpose
2 Petals Like Bricks
3 Vern?s Answer to the Masses
4 Here Come the Dogs
5 Disappoint
6 Swan

Format: lp Reissue
Medium: Vinyl
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