Suicide Generation - Last Suicide - lp
Hi-Power Rock'n'Roll

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Vinyl leider verschoben! Ever since Suicide Generation exploded in London like a dirty bomb blast 18 months ago, they have morphed into various incarnations to quickly become an eagerly devoured proposition in the capital's hi-energy rock 'n' roll scene with their chaotic and explosive shows; their attack and intent as unpredictable as their sound.Their debut album "First Suicide" offered a raw, low-fi, blues-punk slab of sleaze; boasting no bass guitar and armed to the teeth with three buzzsaw guitars, slicing up the senses with a visceral energy. After various line-up changes around the core songwriting partnership of lead singer Sebastian Melmoth and guitarist Vince Sooicide, the band re-enlisted their first drummer Jake Cavemen and took to the studio torecord their follow up with notorious knob twiddler, Patrice Picard (The Cannibals). Deploying the finest vintage analogue gear, Patrice and the boys bashed out eleven gloriously filthy lo-fi tracks action-packed with high-powered rock 'n' roll numbers like "Rotten Mind" and the hotter and heavier rave-up "You Gonna Burn" with layers of dirt and grime after three days of recording of mixing. The band recently have completed their latest makeover with the additions of Gema Germen on bass guitar, along with May Mansur on drums, giving the band a boosted sexual re-balance and grounding of their raw and frenetic energy.

Format: lp
Medium: Vinyl
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