Suicide Generation - 1st Suicide - lp

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Channelling sounds of The Reatards, Gun Club, Pussy Galore, and GG Allin, London's Suicide Generation have exploded all over the city as one of the trashiest and most unpredictable bands around. Leading this suicide pact is the super-charged sickness of lead singer Sebastian Melmoth, who rips out his vocal chords whilst choking out visceral rants , along with the steady balance of Vince Sooicide's snarling rhythm guitar, that forms the glue around a revolving door of delinquent players. Combining the collective sloppy seconds from various failed band reject replacement parts, Suicide Generation basks in its own dirt and scuzz, their sound is a fervid rush of trashy goodness . A spokesperson for the label said: "They're not a joke; they really do mean serious business even though they haven't a clue. Yes, they may appear like a bastardised freight train going off the rails, but you don't ever want to play a game of chicken with them."

Format: lp
Medium: Vinyl
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