Spaceslug - Eye the Tide - col 2xlp
Fuzzy Psych Space Rock

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Poland's SPACESLUG have worked quickly to become a significant presence in the European heavy underground. Their 2016 debut, Lemanis and its 2017 follow-up, Time Travel Dilemma, were both among their respective years' best releases, and they even found room last year to squeeze in an EP release in the form of Mountains and Reminiscence before embarking on their third full-length and the final installment in a stated trilogy, which arrives as the six-song/54-minute Eye the Tide. SPACESLUG create a phenomenal amount of fuzzy, psychedelic, extended jams that incorporate moments of post-metal as well as a couple of minor forays into blackened doom metal. Their advantage has always been a decisive grip on their aesthetic - from the first album on, they've had a definite idea what Spaceslug should sound like in terms of tone, rhythm and melody, and after earning comparisons to Sungrazer early for their heavy psychedelic drift and blend of thick guitar and bass with floating vocal melodicism, they've worked over their releases to make that sound even more their own. It has never been more so than it is on Eye the Tide - Psychedelic Doom Post Metal for Fans of Elder, Mastodon and Baroness! - transparent yellow double vinyl with etching on side D - plated & pressed on high performance 180g vinyl by Pallas Group in Germany - deluxe 300gsm matt laquered gatefold cover - special vinyl mastering

Format: col 2xlp
Medium: Vinyl
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