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Skin Like Iron?s new LP, ?Arrival? features 10 songs that are mournful, somber and eerily melodic. Fusing an eclectic mixture of influences from Wolfbrigade to Black Flag, Siege, and even The Pixies and The Cure, this album succeeds in accurately portraying Skin Like Iron?s unique take on hardcore music. Huge guitar riffs combine with powerful basslines and pounding rhythms to form dramatic compositions that are saturated with melody and atmosphere. The music is supported by lyrics that search for hope and reason, while questioning the damages human beings visit upon one another. Each song is an attempt to reconcile the way in which life?s fleeting moments of beauty are tempered by depression and failure. ?Arrival? is a record about duality: Hope and hopelessness. Beauty and ugliness. Virtue versus the failings of human nature.

Format: lp
Medium: Vinyl
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