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Raydios are Fink from Teengenerate / Firestarter's band, and it's every bit as great as those bands. Holy shit, almost a decade after the release of their seminal, instantly sold-out LP and even harder to track down 7, the Raydios are back with two songs that will prove to be more than worth the wait. Rock Brochure is a three minute blast of rock perfection up there with anything on their first LP. It also features Fink's punkest vocals since the Teengenerate days. On the flip, Fast Boy is a bit of a departure from anything you've heard by these guys before, but for our money it's one of their best songs. It melds the familiar Raydios sound with the melodic sense of Firestarter and First Alert to fantastic effect. The a-side is a teaser from their upcoming CD-only album on Mangrove, but the b-side will remain exclusive to this single. This record is a must-own!!!!

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format: 7"
medium: Vinyl

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