Paranoid - Jikangire - 12"
D-Beat aus Japan

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???? (Paranoid) releases ???? (Jikangire), a 12" Maxi EP. It contains a total of three tracks from the upcoming album "Heavy Mental Fuck-Up!" but with another mix and master. The sound is rawer, darker and with a more metallic sound. It's uncompromising and destructive, the extreme sides have gotten even more extreme as ???? (Paranoid) sets the bar high for their upcoming album. Adding more metal to their influences that range from Swedish d-beat raw punk to Japanese hardcore set the band on the same path as early 80's extreme metal band as Celtic Frost, Sodom or Possessed.
The release is made by The Sign Records in Europe and by Konton Crasher in North America. Limited to 500 copies.

Format: 12" EP
Medium: Vinyl
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Frage zum Artikel

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