O-Voids / Wicked Awesomes - Split

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das Info sagt: 2 Canadian bands, The Wicked Awesome! (Edmonton)side is fucking awesome, twangy guitars, and narcotic vocals like Warsaw or Spider, with a timeless sound, ghostly (ghastly?) has all the workings of a Blank Dogs or Dead Luke out on the teenline. The O-Voids (Montreal), play an unconventional punk style, that is melodic, as well as edgy, influenced by no wave, and post punk. The O-VOID'S best effort to date, IMO. On second listen, the second song sounds like a great, early, unwritten Minutemen song. They're one of the few bands going right now that I'd really like to hear a full-length by before another single. 2 songs from each band. Und genauso sieht es aus.

Format: 7"
Medium: Vinyl
Aktion: Cheapo

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