Nicolas Godin - OST - Au Service De La France (A Very Secret Service) - lp
Netflix OST mit halb AIR!

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Nicolas Godin, eine Hälfte von Air, mit dem Soundtrack für die Arte-Serie, die im Juli auf Netflix startet. Ein liebevolle Hommage an die Soundtracks der Agentenserien der 60er!

A brand new original soundtrack from Nicolas Godin (one half of the French iconic duo AIR) which he composed for the 2nd season of "Au Service De La France" (in English "A Very Secret Service"), German "Frankreich gegen den Rest der Welt" , a TV Series produced by ARTE following the adventures of different spies during the 60s and which will be released on Netflix in July. Nicolas Godin: "It was about paying homage to the soundtracks of TV series from the 60s, especially the ones narrating the adventures of spies like 'Mission: Impossible'. How could I refuse? This was a good occasion and a great pleasure for me to dive back into a specific kind of soundtracks that is not really recorded anymore. This kind of music was often composed and recorded with jazz musicians who had also a strong knowledge of classical music. For this project, I reached out to French musicians with such background. They had, like me, the same love for legendary original soundtracks. After a time of preparation and free improvisations, the majority of the music was recorded in a single day. I hope you?ll like the result, it?s been composed and recorded from the bottom of my heart and from the enchanted world of childhood."

Format: lp
Medium: Vinyl
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