Neander - s/t - lp
Leute von And, Patsy O'Hara & Earthship!

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Für Fans von Pelican, Bongripper, Wolves in the Throne Room, Deafheaven, Explosions in the Sky, Isis, Neurosis, Russian Circles, Year Of NoLight, YOB und/oder Mogwai.

"This is the missing link between Explosions in the Sky andBongripper" says a friend about Berlin based instrumental 5-piece neànder.

Where do you draw the line between Post-Metal, Doom, Stoner or even ModernBlack Metal?
Post-Rock and Underground Metal have always been familiar. This issweeping Ambient music combined with the intensity of a Norwegian Black Metalgroup. Epic songs hovering around the 10 minute mark. Black Sabbath influenceddroning Doom riffs ascending into heavenly, dreamy soundscapes. 5 hypnoticchapters made to be listened to in its entirety; this album tends to be ritualmusic. Founded in 2017 the collective consists of musos fromBlackgazers Ånd, Hardcore Punks Patsy O' Hara, Berlin Sludgers Earth Ship,Doomsters Albez Duz and live band members from Indie outfit Casper. Asked aboutwhy they keep their music on an instrumental level the answer is "a singerwould reduce us into being either a Metal- or a Post-Rock band. We believe thatthe sacrifice of lyrics will keep our musical vision open and will help tointend on the music". neànder recorded its self-titled debut album in March 2018at Hidden Planet Studios, Berlin (The Ocean, Abest, Sun Worship) mixed by JanOberg from Earth Ship, mastered by Magnus Lindberg from Cult of Luna. Thismonolith of an album is due to release in February 2019.àComing via theindependent Hamburg St. Pauli based diy record label Through Love Records,which released stunning records from artists such as God Is AnAstronaut,àFjort, Wayste, Lirr and Svalbard, just to name a few. 

neànder is:

sebastian grimberg (Earth Ship, Ånd) - drums
alfonso brito lopez (Albez Duz) - bass
michael zolkiewicz (Casper, Patsy O' Hara) - guitar
patrick zahn (Ånd) - guitar
jan korbach (Casper, Ånd) - guitar

Format: lp
Medium: Vinyl
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