Mickey - Rock'N'Roll dreamer

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And ?lo-fi? witch-hunters beware, as this LP is recorded with crystal-clarity for maximum HARD ROCK fidelity, making Mickey?s Rock?n Roll Dreamer a non-stop ride through the quintessential teenage brain, knocking over everything valuable in its path, and creating a universal swooning that just isn?t even attempted in these days of knob-twiddling self-indulgence. It?s a familiar, yet refreshingly new frontier of modern punk that pushes the infected juices of pounding glam, miscreant metal, and scum-pop gold all to the forefront of today?s teenage news. The incredible songs, the immaculate production, and the savage intensities all come together on this debut like no other, creating one of Chicago?s most critical benchmark?s of underground rock?n roll for the ages, and here?s your first chance to take a ride.

Format: lp
Medium: Vinyl

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