Locust Fudge - Oscillation

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In 2015, Berlin-based musicians Dirk Dresselhaus (Schneider) and Christopher Uhe (Krite) start recording an album together. Alongside drummer Chikara Aoshima, they kick off something like a roots project: songs, written over the last couple of years, are tracked live as a trio. Out of infrequent sessions emerges the first LOCUST FUDGE album in 20 years. The songs, written over a long period of time, fed by doubt and hope, by absurdity and dissolution on micro and macro levels - personal, social, ethical ? meet the status quo with LOCUST FUDGE-esque clear messages to the assholes of the world to ?get your ticket ...? and piss of (Light & Grace), re-activate Dylan Thomas' often used plea Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night, examine the relationship of reason and emotional Oscillation, insist on staying true to the event of love in No Defense. In a genuine dialectical manner an album takes shape, with Schneider's and Krite's symbiotic play taking up the classic work of LOCUST FUDGE, but emerging in new forms, thus becoming something like their second debut after more than 25 years of the band's existence. It features guest appearances by friends, comrades and colleagues like Chris Brokaw (Come, Codeine etc.), Lucio Capece (Vladislav Delay Quartet etc.), Julia Wilton (Pop Tarts, Das Bierbeben), Gwendolyn Tägert (Mondo Fumatore, Half Girl), Michael Mühlhaus (Blumfeld, Die Turen), Ulrich Krieger (Lou Reed, Metal Machine Trio), J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.), Wolfgang Seidel (Ton Steine Scherben, Conrad Schnitzler), Werner ?Zappi? Diermaier (Faust), Günter Schickert (Ziguri) and others. The album was recorded and mixed at Schneider's ZONE, a studio where he regularly produces acts like Faust, Mutter, Golden Diskó Ship, Chris Imler, Ziguri and others.

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