King Kurt - Ooh Wallahwallah col.lp (RSD)

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In 1983 King Kurt hit the Top 40 with ?Destination Zululand? on Stiff Records. They?d already built up a manic following at their riotous gigs, famously strewn with all sorts of muck thrown at and from the audience whilst also offering haircuts and drinking competitions! Musically a bizarre mix of roots rock-a-billy, funk, African rhythms and pop, adding their own unique craziness and humour, they followed up with the Top 50 singles ?Mack The Knife? and ?Banana Banana?. Regular TV shows increased their notoriety as the rat-fixated nutty mohican kids of rock?n?roll. This is the first time on vinyl since the original LP, thirty-five years ago!

Tracks: Zulu Beat, Destination Zululand, Bo Diddley Goes East, Hound Dog, Wreck-A-Party Rock, Ghost Riders In The Sky, Gather Your Limbs, Rockin? Kurt, Lonesome Train, Mack The Knife, Oedipus Rex, Do The Rat.

1* 35th Anniversary LP of their debut, break-through Stiff Records album!
2* First time on vinyl since 1983! Limited Edition in transparent yellow vinyl.
3* Features Destination Zululand, Zulu Beat, Wreck-a-Party Rock, Mack the Knife, etc!

Format: col lp
Medium: Vinyl
Specials: RSD
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