Idles - Mercedes Marxist/I Dream Guillotine 7"

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Ein Song aus der Joy As An Act of Resistance Session und ein ganz neuer, die Band arbeitet bereits am 3. Album!

"Mercedes Marxist was a strange beast for us, after Rottweiler, it was the first song we wrote for Joy As An Act Of Resistance," frontman Joe Talbot. "I was pissed off at what I was and where I was: I was sofa surfing on the weekends and spending the weeks looking after my mum.
My life balance was way off and this song reflects just how useless I felt. It was me at my worst and without any buoyancy it became catharsis. It was the last splurge from Brutalism so we admitted it. I like it now."

The song will be released physically on August 2 as a 7?, which will include another new song on its B-side, I Dream Guillotine.

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Medium: Vinyl
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