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With their second LP, Cold Winds (on Crusher Records), Gothenburg?s Hypnos seem to be betting that the next step in the retro game is NWOBHM. They make a convincing argument; it?s kind of how it went the first time around, and their songwriting offers a top-notch look at the moment where Thin Lizzy bounce became Iron Maiden gallop, as on second cut ?I?m on the Run,? just minutes after opener ?Start the Hunt? featured a flute solo. Broken into two sides, each one works its way toward a longer finale ? ?Det Kommer en Dag? (7:23) on side A and ?1800? (8:32) on side B ? but sonic diversity and changes in song structure throughout do much to keep Cold Winds from feeling overly plotted, and like their countrymen in Horisont, Hypnos offer a seamless melding of classic heavy rock and metal, soaring and scorching on ?Descending Sun (Unrootables White)? and swinging and swaggering immediately thereafter on ?Cold September,? both accomplished with unwavering command. THE OBELISK

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