Huff Stuff Magazine - Sugar Mountain

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Ex-Neon Piss! Check out this Punk Rock, Snot Rocket shot straight outta the back alleys of Oakland. Total Bay Area rager featuring members of Neon Piss, Knifey Spooney and the Ringers. This things got early East Bay, Pop Punk smeared all over it. If Lookout Records were still in it's hey day, HUFF STUFF MAGAZINE would be one of those bands that Livermore would put out and people would freak the fuck out over. The riffs are tuff, the hooks are bouncy and the tunes are a lil rough around the edges, but sooooo damn good. If bands like Pinhead Gunpowder, Crimpshrine, Cringer and early Green Day mean anything to ya, HUFF STUFF MAGAZINE are swimming in that same Punk infected cesspool of awesomeness. Total banger for the wet brains.

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medium: Vinyl

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