Heavy Metal - LP3 - The Nietzschean Supermen Of Dustbin Rock

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Drittes Album der berliner Rotzpunks, die nichts, aber auch gar nichts ersnt nehmen. A limited edition on gold vinyl with gold printed sleeve and insert. Golden times. "These Berlin mystics have collected the spare parts from their fleet of wrecked punk vehicles and jammed them together to form this twisted taunting monster. Pop culture references abound. The lyric sheet reading like the musings of a modern day Dan Tracey if he were a speedhead instead of a smackie. When the whole thing's done you're gonna pick it up , pull it towards your face and back a few times as if it were a Magic Eye you were suddenly gonna 'get', then put it down and come back with a friend " - Onton Nordberg.

Format: lp
Medium: Vinyl

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Frage zum Artikel