Great Apes - California Heart

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This is true bay area pop punk to the core. The choruses are catchy and memorable and there are some suitably raucous shout along moments. While the band are adept at tweaking the boundaries of Pop punk, there are no 6 minute epics or wistful acoustic numbers. ?Brown dots? and ?Regarding You in Me? tear along with hints of Jawbreaker?s ear for melodic hardcore hooks.. ?Chuckchansi?s Complacency for Beginners? slows the pace a little with a more early 90s Pearl Jam feel. ?Prom Com? highlights the central characters disgust at the shallowness and narcissism of the people around them. It contains all the gutsy fire of an Avail song but with more searching introspection.

Format: lp
Medium: Vinyl

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