From Kyuss Lives to Vista Chino - Freedom Run - by Katrin Saalfrank

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Passend zur neuen Vista Chino Platte kommt hier ein fetter Bildband, der die Band aus Beste portraitiert! Das ganze auf über 200 Seiten, im Leinenhardback! What you will have soon in your hands is everything and nothing. Black, white, color, emotions of exhaustion, hurt, pain, love, life and death? all depending on how you see and live your life, which leads to how you see and feel her work in this book. I see it all, and so much more, mostly love and pain. To see the emotional landscape of this book encapsulates all that I love and hate in touring, and all that I am at home. Long distance time past these images seems to me now, but really it?s still in the now of how we choose to live, how we survive and how we cope, now, today, and perhaps tomorrow. You have it all in the images of this book. Personal, public, private, now to view by you. To me, Katrin?s view in this book is unique in that it demonstrates more than just minut detail. It collides emotion and achieves that with sight. This book is more than just landscapes and portraits. It?s poetry. - John Garcia Hardcover in Leinen mit Schutzumschlag, 228 Seiten Format 24,6 x 21,6 cm Auflage 1000, Eigenverlag

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