Dalaplan - Det blir inte bättre än sa här - lp

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Dalaplan's shows with their third album "Det blir inte bättre än sa här" that the band is today one of the most vital Swedish garage bands. The third album got an even darker vibe then their second album had, but still with small glips of hopefulness that could be found on their debut album. The band takes the best of dialectal rock from the southern parts of Sweden (think Wilmer X, Bäddat För Trubbel and Kal P. Dal) and is mixing it with the best part of the american dirty garage rock scen that gave us act's as the Sonics and Les Sexareenos. Dalaplan is best described by Razorcake who said: "these Swedes mix equal parts '60s beat rock and '80s new wave with modern recording technology and serve up with a combustible, beguiling stew that?ll get a body groovin' and singin' like a fool in a foreign language."

Format: lp
Medium: Vinyl
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