Creepy Creeps, The - 10 Bangin Hits - lp
FFO: Locust, Mummies, Bomboras

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THE CREEPY CREEPS newest LP, 10 Bangin? Hits is their most impressive album to date. Songs such as ?The Look? and ?Knife on a Stick? will have the listener mesmerized with their twist of Middle Eastern sound while ?Rip City? and ?Creepy Girl? have a far more punk rock approach. Blending washed out guitar, heavy hitting bass lines, and a sophisticated surf organ sound, THE CREEPY CREEPS will leave the listener always wanting more. THE CREEPY CREEPS, 10 Bangin? Hits, is a fantastic album that will suit any record collection regardless of genre specificity. If you like surf music, you will want this record! If you like punk, you will want this record! If you like garage music, you will want this record! If you want to hear something new and exciting, you will want this record

Format: col lp
Medium: Vinyl
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Frage zum Artikel

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