Children Of God - The sun gives way to false truths

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Einseitige 10 mit Siebdruck auf der Flip! Much to my surprise, things are slowed down once more. This time bringing the sound to resemble an eerie dark noise track not unlike rVeVV. I assumed this would continue to the end and eventually fade away, but I was again taken by surprise. It does fade away, but only to bring the crushing drums back again one more time... Although this is still very much a COG track something seems different. it sounds more refined and mature. Instead of focusing on the blistering speed seen in their previous work, the band has taken the time to develop a really solid heavy atmosphere, and it's just great. At just under 10 minutes, The Sun Gives Way to False Truths is the longest track by COG, one that takes you on a trip showing the true musical skills of this band.

Format: 10"
Medium: Vinyl

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