Carlos Batts - American Gothic: The Artwork of Carlos Batts

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!!! Contains a full length compact disc by musicians: Mastodon, Pg. 99, Swarm of the Lotus, Pig Destroyer, Dog Fashion Disco, Radiation 4, Daybreak, Buzzoven, Agoraphobic Nosebleed!!! American Gothic is Batts? third book and the one most reflective of the artist himself. To be certain, Batts? previous efforts for the German publisher Edition Reuss, Wild Skin and Crazy Sexy Hollywood, were distinguished by a unique, readily-identifiable style, one that?s proved immensely popular here and overseas. But in both books there is always the sense that the artist is giving us exactly what we as voyeurs want. American Gothic, on the other hand, is Batts? pure, unadulterated artistic vision, one not tweaked for the mass-market or meant to satisfy bourgeois tastes.

Format: buch + cd

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