Bunuel - The Easy Way Out
mit E. Robinson (Oxbow)!

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Die italienischen Noise-Rocker mit Oxbow-Sänger Eugene Robinson am Mikro!

The Easy Way Out, Buñuel's second album is now available on CD and vinyl! Bunuel consists of some of the most interesting figures on the Italian alternative Rock scene of today:
Pierpaolo Capovilla and Franz Valente from One Dimensional Man and Il Teatro Degli Orrori, the ubiquitous Xabier Iriondo from Afterhours and Todo Modo plus the striking presence of singer Eugene S. Robinson from the seminal San Francisco based experimental Rock band Oxbow.
The Easy Way Out has been presented as an uncompromising piece of extreme Art. Definitely beyond the Hardcore sound of their previous work, the album reveals itself as some sort of Noise-Rock object which will be hard to classify within the contemporary Post Core scene.

Format: CD lp
Medium: Vinyl cd
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