Bulldozer - The Day Of Wrath / The Excorcism digi 2xcd

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The ground-breaking debut full length of Italy's most respected Metal band of all times finally coming back to light on LP after more than 3 decades! Originally released in 1985 and never repressed on vinyl since then, here it comes in a new edition, specially remastered from 1st generation sources provided by the band and re-packaged in a thick gatefold sleeve with unseen photos and lyrics (in English + the original early drafts typed in Italian).. BULLDOZER's first album is a total classic of blackened evil Metal taking the rawest school of VENOM and MOTÖRHEAD to an unebelievably powerful and wicked sonic impact, bearing the malevolent flame of Black Metal and Welcome to Hell and injecting it with a renewed intensity. For anyone into old school Black Metal to not own this is a crime. This is for anyone that worships the early releases from Venom, Bathory and Sodom.. WELCOME DEATH!

Format: 2xcd digi-cd deluxe hardcover mediabook
Medium: cd
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