Broken Hearts Are Blue - The Truth About Love - col lp
1997er EMO-Klassiker

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TIPP! Wir kriegen 100 St der limitierten lavender Vinyl Pressung: DIE Gelegenheit, diese oft übersehene 90er Emo-Platte zum korrekten Kurs zu erstehen statt Mondpreise bei den einschlägigen Rarie-Verhökerern. Komplett neues Artwork und remastert!

BROKEN HEARTS ARE BLUE, from Michigan, released their sole classic and underrated LP "The Truth About Love" on Caulfield Records in 1997, which has become a staple LP of the mid-90's emo/indie scene. BHAB were able to merge the sounds of Sunny Day Real Estate, Texas Is The Reason and Evergreen together, yet still created their own unique sound that helped forge the classic mid-late 90's emo style, similar to their peers in Braid. BHAB were around from 1995 - 1997 and featured members of Ordination of Aaron, Current, Ottawa and Vine. Now this rare LP has been remastered with new artwork and is back in print on vinyl after more than 20 years.

LP is limited to 500 on lavender color vinyl and comes with a Digital Download.

This reissue also includes the rare track "525 to Heart", which did not appear on the original LP.

Format: col lp limitiert
Medium: Vinyl
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