Bad Doctors - Burning city - lp

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A few years back I picked up a local Philly comp LP ?Bloodstains across Philadelphia? featuring a bunch of local punk and hardcore bands. While listening I was taken in by the track ?Sisyphus And The Gate? by ?The Bad Doctors?. It had a great post punk / dark 80's pop vibe that stood out among the other music on this comp. Instantly my ears were in love. The band followed this up with a self released LP ?Distractions?, and while the band was clearly still finding their sound, this record just further proved to me this band was one of the best that Philly had to offer. Fast forward to early 2013 and the release of the ?Spit it Out? 7? released by Philly label ?Eaglebauer Enterprises?. This single really showcased the bands move deeper into a world of synth driven, post punk, new wave. As soon as the needle hit this slab of vinyl I could not remove the record from my turntable for the next month. I knew almost instantly I wanted to work with this band

Format: lp
Medium: Vinyl
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