Atomic Suplex - Bathroom party - lp

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Prepare yerselves for a loudass obnoxia-fest, folks: here?s a muy fine 12- cut 45 rpm 12? of SCREE from London?s ATOMIC SUPLEX! This wild platter grabs a few cuts issued on 45s and adds on some never-ished MONSTERS. Side One kicks off with the surfbeat propelled sax-honkin? out&out WAILIN? instro ?ACTION TIME?, proceeds to trash yer ass senseless via the frenetic poonkrawk thrash of ?ROCK & ROLL MACHINE?, down- shifts (fer just a tad, mind ye!) into the scuz-intro-then- bosharoo of ?ROCK & ROLL ACTION?, brings the dance party back via the roots/diddleycated thumper/ chantalong chugger ?DIAMOND SKULL?, then plonks into more ramped-up & sax-addled wail via ?ATOMIC SUPLEXED BY A GIRL?, and ENDS Side One with the short- fast-and-blunt ?BATHROOM PARTY?. Side Two kicks in with the moto-revvin? screepunk ?GIRL RIDE?, leading smackdab into the bigriff & big- beat-propelled ?I?M ON?, then the Cochran-riffery of ?ROCK & ROLL IS NEVER GONNA DIE?, followed/answered appropriately with ?ROCK & ROLL MUST DIE?, the punkslammin? pace keeps on with ?I AM ROCK & ROLL?, then the lads abruptly change pace to end this wild ride with a SLOW GRINDER, ?LITTLE BOY BLUES?, a blownout puke-drenched gutter crawl.

Format: lp
Medium: Vinyl
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