Arkangel - Dead Man Walking - col lp
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Arkangel's debut full length "Dead Man Walking" brings heavy, fast paced and dynamic late nineties metalcore. Limited red vinyl, in sleeve with inside out print procedure and silver logo in hot foil stamping.

Arkangel have been around since the late nineties. With their crushing sound and intense shows, they have managed to get some sort of cult status over the past decades. Don't expect massive tours and numerous shows. They keep it exclusive and special. In 2018 they've played a few shows in France (Superbowl in Rennes and a club show in Paris), Uk (London Sweatfest and in September Leeds Foundation Fest) and Belgium (Brussels & Revelation fest Aarschot), as well as Germany (Duisburg). They did a successful tour in Japan in 2015, and they will do a few shows in the USA (This is Hardcore fest a.o.) and Mexico in 2018.

Format: col lp limitiert
Medium: Vinyl
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