Amity - Internecine

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Dark and brooding at times, ethereal and uplifting at others, Amity takes the listener on an aural roller coaster on their full length debut, \Internecine.\ Their first release on Negative Progression Records, \Internecine\ is chock full of technical time signatures, melodic guitar riffs, spacy interludes, and irresistible hooks that will have even the most jaded music fan singing along by the album\'s epic ending. From the infectious, energetically charged chorus of the opening track, Jackrabbits, to the enormous otherworldly crescendo of the finale, Mississippi Bedroom, \Internecine\ hits ground running with an unrelenting energy that refuses to quit. This disc is the quintessential must-have release for anyone desperate for a change in the way they listen to melodic rock music.

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