Allies / Saucers - East bay punks - from the streets of berkeley - lp

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Disillusionment with the mellow 70's was turning to rage as the US waged a proxy war in Central America, and San Francisco ignited into fiery riots after the assassination of its mayor and first openly gay city council member. The Saucers reflected these times with caustic humor and impassioned social commentary. In 1980, the band after the departure of first keyboard player, Joey Michaels, renamed themselves The Allies, adding dynamic lead guitarist Craig Magee, formerly with Dyan Diamond (Runaways). With the addition of Magee, the band pivoted from the Saucers' Farfisa-dominated garage punk to a more muscular, guitar-driven sound. Local music producer and KALX engineer Terry Hammer worked behind the scenes to get both bands into the studio, with varied results, on display here. He also recorded a number of live shows for the two groups, and it's mostly thanks to his efforts that this music survives today.

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