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Alarms & Controls was born in Washington, DC in 2010. It\'s a postpunk trio that flaunts its prog roots. Chris Hamley (Antimony, Circus Lupus, and Monorchid) provides his characteristic jagged guitar. Vin Novara (1.6 Band, The Crownhate Ruin) plays the drums like a mid-1970s Herbie Hancock session man. Through this rages the Mike Watt-influenced bass guitar of Michael Honch. The result? The Minutemen meets Can. Still, this is no reunion tour - Hamley\'s muscular vocals compliment his wizard-like guitar playing, looking back on mid-90s DC punk while pointing the way to a mystical future. The single includes a free MP3 download of the two songs plus two additional tracks.

Format: 7"
Medium: Vinyl
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