Adorno - Year 2 - Discography - lp + cd

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Super Scheibe, erinnert stark an Fugazi auf Speed oder End Of A Year. Irgendwo Mitten in den 90ern, Drive Like Jehu und wie sie alle heißen. Schön aufgemacht, mit Poster und CD! the first part of their discography was only released on CD (on protagonist and we love pandas), but now the second part of their rich discography will see the light on vinyl+cd included. and will be including the following: Said and Unsaid 7 (released on adagio830, pure pain sugar), split with Sugartown Cabaret 12 (released on communication is not words, emergence, agonia), split with Black Heart Rebellion 7 (released on adagio830, smoke&dust), split with Eric Ayotte 7 (released on adagio830, brown town e sleep city), 6way split Connections (with kias fansuri, isaiah, captain your ship is sinking, saddest landscape, suis la lune) 12 (released on moment of collapse), + 1 unrealesed song for now (will be out in 2012 for split with auxes), for 11 songs in total.

Format: lp + cd
Medium: cd Vinyl
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