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Klingt so, wie das Cover aussieht: wie eine kranke Version der Dwarves auf Speed (!): perfekt!

Acid Blood is a band from Umeå, Sweden, with Jojo Anderbygd on vocals, Karl Backman (previously AC4, Vectors, The T-55's) on guitar, Emil Fjällstrom (previously Raging Steel) on bass, and Isak Mörtzell on drums.

"They immediately reminded me of Motorhead if Motorhead had a girl singer who likes to be covered in blood. 5 out of 5 and 2 thumbs up. The album is sick - go pre-order!"
(Elizabeth, Hear She Roars)

"Wearing their influences on their sleeve, Acid Blood sound like a cross between Motörhead and The Stooges puked up on the barroom floor by some beautiful demon. [...] At the same time, however, no vocalist in the current landscape of the genre sounds quite like Anderbygd, while Backman's guitar, Fjalstrom's bass, and Mortzell's drums provide the perfect soundscape to Jojo's high intensity. In the end, it's the conjoining of these two worlds that makes Acid Blood such an amazing piece of work"
( Bob Silas, Live Loud Magazine)

"Was soll man sagen: das Album ist schon jetzt quasi ein Klassiker. So schön dreckig findet man heute nur noch selten Bands."
(Gripweed, Away From Life Zine)

"'Acid Blood'! Beer, Nudity, Blood, Loud Guitars, frantic drums, vocals that have been mangled by gargling broken glass and barbed wire""It?s like they?ve taken The Cavemen and turned the dial-up or rather ripped it out and pissed on it" "Fourteen songs - a shade under forty minutes - loose - reckless but very very tasty. Get some Acid Blood in your life its a fuckin' Blast!"
(Dom Daley, RPM)

format: lp
medium: Vinyl
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