A Diadem Of Dead Stars - Kingdoms Bathed In Golden Light - lp

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Greece's A Diadem of Dead Stars have been quite productive over their short life span with a demo, two ep's and a two albums with in two years of existence, sole member The Pilgrim is showing no signs of slowing up. The wonderfully titled 'Kingdoms Bathed in Golden Light' is his latest endeavour and personally for me his best work to date. This is quite an epic beast of atmospheric black metal with five tracks clocking in at just over an hour of play time, two of them over twenty minutes long each! Thankfully unlike a lot of bands in the genre there is plenty of variety contained within to keep the listener focused with nothing overstaying its welcome. Too many great tracks have been ruined because they are so one dimensional and lack any real variation making it easy for one to tire rather quickly due to their repetative nature.

Format: lp
Medium: Vinyl
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