45 Adapters - Patriots not fools

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If you know the band, you may know what you'll get - and i am sure you won't be disappointed! This band never let you down. Just in case you have lived under a stone for the last 5 years - i mean If you never took notice about the 45 ADAPTERS then expect a heavy mix of R'N'B, Oi!, Mod-Rock and a little dose of Soul Music. The voice of front man Pickabar is able to give each song that wonderful positive note, while the rhythm section make your feet dance even if you are the typical non-dancer! Each song is a hit and it's hard to pick a favorite. Probably the new anthem for all vinyl collectors, Vinyl Fetishists, or the title track Patriots Not Fools are the top songs of that Punkrock jewel. That 10 is definitely into the Top 5 records we've ever released on Contra.

Format: lp
Medium: Vinyl

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